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Athanasia Foundation is the international name of the Stichting Athanasia voor onderzoek naar leven na de dood en de evolutie van de persoonlijke ziel, based at Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Athanasia Foundation was founded in 1996 by a group of Dutch scholars interested in parapsychology, philosophy and psychology. Central to the approach of Athanasia Foundation is the philosophical (ontological) concept of a personal subject or "soul" that is not identical to the body or brain and survives physical death. Our name Athanasia means immortality in Greek and it was inspired by an ontological book by this name written by the Bohemian philosopher Bernhard Bolzano. The main link to this book is that Bolzano is a relatively recent philosopher who defended the notion of an immortal personal soul.
The research of Athanasia Foundation focuses on any topic related to this personalistic concept, such as the survival of consciousness during clinical death, memories of a spiritual pre-existence, memories of previous lives, especially in young children, personal evolution, and mental evolution during biological evolution (including animal sentience and the parapsychology of animals), etc. It also includes the philosophy of mind (the mind-body problem, the problem of other minds, personal identity, mental efficacy, etc.) as well as the broader philosophical and theoretical implications of empirical findings. Furthermore, Athanasia is also interested in psychical research in general, and in anomalous neuropsychological data supporting a non-identity approach to mind-brain relations.

Athanasia Foundation has published reports of empirical investigations and philosophical analyses in a range of scholarly and general Dutch and international journals, including the Tijdschrift voor Parapsychologie, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Paranormal Review, Prana, Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions and Journal of Religion and Psychical Research.
Follow this link for our online papers in English. Other papers can be found via the Dutch pages of this website.

Athanasia Foundation officially collaborates with the Dutch Parapsychologisch Instituut in Utrecht and Merkawah Foundation/IANDS Netherlands. There have been fruitful joint international investigations with Mary Rose Barrington and Peter Mulacz (for the British Society for Psychical Research), Zsolt Banhegyi (Hungary) and Dr. Kirti Swaroop Rawat, International Centre for Reincarnation and Survival Researches (India). Also, we are in touch with individual researchers, theorists, and philosophers from all over the world. In general it is our intention to contribute to the international scholarly and philosophical developments in our fields of research.

As a consequence of its scholarly contributions and involvement, Athanasia Foundation is also keen to divulge its research and views among the general public.

Contact: stg_athanasia@hotmail.com

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